What’s poppin’


Sean Paul pops in Basketball camp

sean_Paul_edit_1.jpgBig up to Sean Paul who took the time out to pop in on a basketball camp to give encouraging words to some children.

One eleven year old broke down, crying tears of joy as she never really believed the rumours that the DJ would be coming. She was overwhelmed with joy when she was asked to sing with the Grammy Award-winning artiste in front of her fellow campers. "When the people said he would come, I thought it wasn't true and they were just joking... I never thought in my life that I would see him." She was quoted as saying in the Prince Albert Daily Herald.

Sean Paul dropped by to offer advice about life to several hundred campers who listened intently while sitting on the huge gymnasium floor at Montreal's Dawson College. "There are ups and downs in life, just like waves in the sea," he said. "when you're up on top you're feeling good, but that's not the only feeling you need to get used to in your heart, in your brain, in your soul."


Nip it in the bud

The queen reigns_babyTash_edit.jpgNo, don't tell me Baby Tash just came into the biz after she walked away with the title of Magnum Queen of the dancehall and already she is enshrouded in mix up. What's this we hearing of her being threatened? According to top reports the DJ started receiving threatening phone calls after winning the competition. No, it's a big disappointment, dancehall is really going to the dogs.