RAINBOWVIBES.COM- The Caribbean's first Gay & Lesbian Social Network launches from Jamaica


rainbowvibes_logo_edit.jpgJamaica, dubbed one the most homophobic nations on earth has spawned the Caribbean's first Gay and Lesbian Social Network, Rainbowvibes.com, where Caribbean gay life meets the world.

"The site is an online hub for Caribbean gays, lesbians and bisexual people living at home and overseas and their friends in South America, Latin America, USA, Europe and Canada. Now they can all connect with each other in a single space online." Andrea* added.

The site is the brainchild of Matthew Raine*, a gay Jamaican IT executive, who now lives in Canada and Andrea Rainford*, a Jamaican lesbian marketing executive who lives in Kingston, Jamaica. "The need was glaring. The nature of most Caribbean countries has made it a challenge to meet and connect face to face. Here, online, there are no limits. Having a social network of our own was something we craved ourselves and had the know how to get done, so we said let's be bold and give this Pride gift to our community." Matthew* said.

The site was launched to coincide with Pride Month, a global celebration of gay rights and culture. It already has members from over 20 countries world wide. Being picked up in the British, Canadian and Latin American press and blogging community.

Rainbowvibes.com has all the interactive features of a social network like Facebook. Members are able to create and join groups, add music, events, videos, chat, make friends, find dates, create and join discussions, write blogs and read news from around the Caribbean and the rest of the World. "Our focus is on making the site a fun,vibrant and meaningful online destination where our members are happy to spend time and tell their friends about it too." Matthew* explained.

Rainbowvibes.com went on line during Pride Month, June 16, 2008 and "we're expecting it to do great things."

Contact: Matthew Raine* / Andrea Rainford*: rainbowvibes@gmail.com