Artist Wants Compensation for Marley's Image


BobMarleyLionZion_portrait_edit.jpgJurek Zamoyski, who was born in Communist Poland, has always seen Bob Marley's songs as a means to give a voice to the oppressed and poor. Now it saddens him that he is filing a lawsuit against the Marley's Estate and the music and clothing companies that are run by members of the family.

Zamoyski alleges that Zion Rootswear, Fifty-Six Hope Road Music Ltd and Bob Marley Music Inc. have been replicating three of his copyrighted images of Bob Marley on T-shirts onto other objects without his consent and have been selling them worldwide. The three images that have been used are: "Rasta Dreads," "Lion Zion" and "Kaya Man". These images were all painted by Zamoyski. The images were licensed to Jurek International Graphic in the 1990's.

The Jurek International Graphic was in agreement at that time with the Marley Companies to use the images on clothing and other objects. During this period Zamoyski received royalty payments. In 1999 his company ceased operations and terminated all agreements with the Marley Companies, thus none of his designs should be replicated.

He has documented information that his designs were still being marketed and he had not received any compensation since 1999.

Zamoyski has approached the Marleys in an effort to find out what was happening but they refused to speak to him. Even Zamoyski's lawyer has tried resolving the issue with the Marley's but that too proved unsuccessful. The Marleys are not interested in setting up another agreement with Jurek International Graphic, as they feel they have some rights to the images.

Zamoyski is only seeking compensation for his work.

Photo Source: Jurek Art