A Suh Mi Sey


Putting an end to crime

By: Joan Wilson

Joan_wilson.jpgI read with great shame and embarrassment the other day how they robbed the missionaries at Salvation Army. But to tell the truth I am not surprised. The only way crime is going to stop is unless the mothers and the baby mothers come together and start trying to make a difference.

These men have to rest their heads somewhere, they have to eat somewhere, they have someone in their lives that they 'check for'. But the simple truth is, women are enjoying the profits of crime and have no real need to make a difference. They are contented to spend the blood money, wash the bloody clothes, feast on the stolen goods, wear the stolen bling bling and hype up on their friends in the process. Some will even threaten you that they are going to "meck mi man buss yuh face". They take pride in being with a bad man. And at the end of the day they don't give a damn about the family that's left crying being because the bread winner was gunned down. They don't care about those who are left hungry, because the last money for food was robbed on the bus. Yet they want you to care when police gun down the culprit, then they come out and demonstrate and beg for justice.

Where is the justice when crime has so permeated the society that not even Christians now want to come and offer any assistance? We cry about how stink the situation is coming now regarding crime in our country, when we are really, seriously ready to put a stop to it, then let those women arise who are providing a safe haven for criminals.