Should Jamaica have homosexuals in the cabinet?


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters_edit.jpgThe entire world stood up and took notice when the Prime Minister of Jamaica was being interviewed in England when a very important question was asked of him if gays could be in the cabinet. The ever, cool, ever suave PM responded, "Sure they can be in the Cabinet; not mine." When the interviewer pressed home the point, maybe wanting Bruce to back down by asking "But do you want to live in a Jamaica where they can be and they should be and it would be entirely natural for them to be so?" Big up to the PM when he answered in no uncertain terms "I do not know that that is necessarily the direction in which I want my country to go."

There have been a lot of back and forth debates about equality when it comes to gays, but while I do not condone the ill-treatment and cruel acts meted out to them, in fact I totally hit out against it. At the end of the day, they are all humans too. But I draw the line at having them in the cabinet. These are people who are involved in guiding the country and having a say in the laws of the land. How can we ask them to make certain moral decisions when their lifestyle totally belies what they will be representing?

For all we know there may already be a few gays in the cabinet, and if they are, they are taking great pains to keep it totally locked up in the closet. But coming out and advocating for the rights to be recognized as a legal couple, flaunting an immoral lifestyle, influencing our children, maybe even corrupting them...that is stretching acceptance way too far.

Allowing them in the cabinet will just be the first step in making them more comfortable. Soon, you will see them on the bus holding hands and acting like regular couples, booking church halls so they can legally tie the knot.

On the other hand, gays might not be in the Cabinet, but some of the ads are advertising Jamaica as a 'gay' and 'funny' place to be, as hotels in their quest to stay on top of the market are actually encouraging them to 'cool out' and enjoy the sea and sand in Jamaica.

The love of money can indeed be the root of all evil. Just like the PM, who was willing to make a stand, which earned him the wrath of the gay rights group, hoteliers too must decide if this is the way they want to go. What if all the straight people decided to take offense and switch?

It's a non stop battle and sadly enough all we can do at the end of the day is debate this and that, but unless a body comes forward and fights as hard for straight people as much as the gay rights group is fighting, I see no hope for Jamaica, nor its dancehall acts as they are beaten down into the ground.

The latest is that a gay rights group from Canada had given Jamaica an ultimatum to 'be more gay friendly' or they would be pressuring business people to boycott us. If they are willing to go all out and do that...which group will come forward to hit back at them? Or will we eventually be seeing a mixed Cabinet of straight and gays?