If you tek the cow you affi tek the calf


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow, fi real mi miss all a di mix up and blenda and mi have a super one fi share wid unno. Mi nuh know, but people business just follow mi suh!

How some people come suh, dem neva hear di saying whey sey 'if yuh teck di cow yuh haffi teck di calf tuh'. Memba dat! Whey bring on all dis, is me know a woman wid two pickney weh tek up a man weh have four well it suh happen dat one a him pickney handicapped and har madda lef har a Jamaica and migrate to di States from di pickney a 3 years old, suh yuh done know sey she nuh know nutten bout har. Di madda run left di handicapped pickney, left it wid di man daddy and den come a States and meck di same man breed har again...and she end up wid six pickney a farin, five fi smady else and di one from di man whey she got di handicapped pickney fah.

Now people, a true true something mi a relate. Di hottaclaps nuh done de suh yu nuh. Di man whey father di handicap pickney, him sista set him up pon one rich woman and him an har end up being together, nice nuh backside. Him a di best baby father inna di world to fi har pickney dem but when it come to fi him disabled one a Jamaica him treat har like dawg. But yuh woulda tink sey di rich woman woulda show likkle compassion and encourage di man fi gi some tender loving to him now 18-year-old daughter. No sah, nutten like dat. Di man nuh hug di pickney and if she try fi hug him, him slip outa it, an fi meck matters worse di house whey him left har pack up a pure man.

You woulda tink sey him woulda file fi har, meck she live likkle life. No star, or even encourage har fi get a visa dat she can visit. Him rich woman wont even encourage him fi get har in an institution where she can get the necessary and required attention.

A wonda if she know dat children, especially disabled ones are a blessing from God. Di ongle ting mi want unno learn from dis ya story is dat – when yuh teck up somebody, is di whole package you no get fi pick whey yuh want and whey yuh nuh want.