Taking wedding ceremony to another level


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters_edit.jpgWhat do you do when you want to get away from the regular mundane things of life? Say you are getting married and you are oh so tired of the 'here comes the bride' routine as you walk down the isle of the church with your husband to be waiting for you at the end? The male guests sitting comfortably in their seats all eyes fixed on you and then the same o same oh ritual of vows, songs being sung and the pronunciation of man and wife. Then you go off to do the ritual of taking photos and the guests head for the reception area where the glass knocking and the ribbing and stuff take place.

Here's an idea, you don't have to follow tradition, it's your big day and hopefully it's the one time in your life you are going to do this thing so if you want to go overboard who can blame you. Even if you want to take it way out of the norm, who cares, no one should complain! Got this idea from a friend who is actually contemplating having such a ceremony for her wedding.

Check it out, it will be an elaborate swimming pool setting, and the couple will be wearing nothing but their bathing suits! And then after reciting their vows...instead of driving off to some luscious spots decked out with flowers it will be non stop fun until they leave for the honeymoon! Yeah you guessed it, the guests will jump right into the pool after the ceremony is over. Cool don't it?

This scenario is certainly not the norm, and I had to give her high marks for coming up with this kind of concept, but will it work...that's left to be seen, but it is certainly an entertaining thought to consider when it comes to that one day in your life.