Magnum King and Queen Of Dancehall winners reaping rewards


By: Dave Lindo

singerjah_babyTash.jpgMagnum Kings and Queen Of Dancehall winners Singer Jah and Baby Tash are presently reaping the rewards for winning the competition. YardFlex caught up with Singer Jah and Baby Tash, who won the King and Queen titles respectively, at the Magnum Kings and Queen Of Dancehall Road Show at Folly Oval, Port Antonio, Portland on Saturday, June 28, 2008.

Singer Jah said that the competition has given him invaluable exposure. "The people love wi crazy, and I love them same way." he said "The competition has helped my career a lot cause it has made me known on a national level. Where people from 14 parishes saying Singer Jah. I could't ask for a better start in my career."

Commenting on what he has been doing lately he said, "I am working on my album right now with Scatta Burrell. You can say the album finish already. I am also working on a music video so I give thanks that things are really looking up for me."

Brand manager of Magnum, Gary Dixon was pleased about the massive crowd that turned up at the second road show, the first being on Saturday June 21, 2008 in Junction, St. Elizabeth.

He was even more pleased with how the competition went. "It was great, really! we were optimistic that it would have done well based on the strength of dancehall in our society which we were highlighting. It was the first time around and we expect it get better in future. Two good persons won and the show itself has done well for the entrants."

Dixon said that the brand itself, Magnum, has been doing exceptionally well on the local market. "Our consumers have increase in numbers many times over. We at Magnum feel good about how the people have been taken on to the drink."

Baby Tash, a native of Spanish Town and a Business Administration student at UTECH said she is also benefiting from the competition. "It has been very good, people accept me in the streets and it has helped to build my carer as an artiste." Tash is also working with Scatta Burrell on several projects which will be coming out this summer. Burrell was one of the judges at the competition.

Tru Juice who partnered Magnum as a sponsor of the competition was also pleased with the level of attention that the competition received. Tru Juice's Brand Manager, Danielle Terelonge felt good about her company's involvement with the competition as well as the road shows. "It has benefited the entrants a lot in giving them exposure that they needed. What the show has shown me is that the youths do have talent. And the competition gave them the platform to showcase it. It was a wonderful experience where people came together to celebrate dancehall."