Entertainers who ventured into other business areas



Has Goofy aka Mr. G gone into the restaurant business? YardFlex sighted the deejay at the corner of Princeville Plaza, Kingston with his charge preparing some sumptuous looking sea foods dishes, Hellshire style, including some large Parrot fish frying up in some big frying pans.

According to one of his regular customer, they do this activity every Friday at the same location. He said that it is well supported, especially by members of the entertainment fraternity.

Other artistes in the past have branched off from the regular music business and have ventured into other fields. Bling Dawg, last year opened a barbershop in Kingston. General Degree has gone into the apparel business launching his clothing line Reh Geh.

Tanya Stephens is also set to open a restaurant in the west end of the island. 'Rude bwoy' deejay Cobra is in the race horse as well as transportation business and the list goes on. An artiste who asked to remain anonymous said, "right now artistes have to try other business ventures to turn over the money that they earn. Things get tighter now so you can't squander yu money, you have to learn about money management and good business practices. Some times the business gets slow so you have other source of income."