I&I Clothing making a big statement in fashion


By: Dave Lindo

iandilogo_edit.jpgI&I Clothing Company is making a big name for itself in the apparel business ever since coming on stream in June of last year.

It has been refreshing and captivating to see the eye catching colours and excellent finishes of the I and I designs.

The brand is owned by Jason Panton ,CEO and Creative Director of the company and Financial Officer, Keisha Hall who both hold 50-50 shares of the company.

Jason grew up in Miami, Florida but also spent time in Jamaica where he attended the Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts. He is a talented painter who has done graphic work with top record companies both in Jamaica and the United States. He worked at an apparel company as their Creative Director but later stepped out on his own, thus the birth of I&I Clothing Company.

jrreid_IandIclothing_edit2.jpgThe I&I brand has become very popular especially among Caribbean communities. There are stores in Miami, the United States, Bridge Town, Barbados and Jamaica at Cherries on South Ave in Kingston and at the Casa de Xaymaca at the The Norman Manley International Airport.

"We are more than music and red, green and gold," Jason explained. Caribbean Culture has made an impact worldwide as our culture is what we wear, how we speak, our perspective, attitude and our mixed origins. I&I Clothing Company embraces our musical roots in our clothing, while also recognizing that we have a wealth of icons, idioms, locations, heroes, and symbols to draw from for influence in fashion and apparel designs."

He added, "I&I seeks...to provide high quality, trend conscious clothing that is truly representative of the Caribbean and create a brand franchise that can employ Caribbean talent from abroad and in the region."

As to their designs and materials that they use, Jason said, "We are basically working with knit material in our summer collection to have a cooler feel. We have tank tops and T- shirts, we are also working on some bottoms. For the fall we will be working with some wool material."

After mounting up huge sales, Jason and his partner Keisha decided to take it to a higher level, in the form of getting endorsements of the brand by top reggae/dancehall artistes. So far they have contracted the 'Strong One' Etana, Brick and Lace and the reggae icon Junior Reid.


As to the origin of the name I&I, Jason disclosed, "It was a combination of many things. It was after leaving the small brand and being on my own, my girl friend had I&I as a part of her email address and my spirituality as a Rasta. I also wanted to have a name that is not trendy but has an everlasting name. So came the name I&I."

Jason is happy with the success of the brand, "I feel blessed, we have to be restocking our outlets every 30 days. It has really been a phenomenal!"

For more information on the clothing line you can log on to their website www.iandiclothingco.com.