Dominica against Mavado's music

mavado_charts.jpgMavado is again facing problems in regards to his lyrics. This time around it's from a prominent radio Disk Jockey, in Dominica, who has become a Christian. He has raised concerns as to whether Mavado should be allowed to perform at a show scheduled to be held in July.

There was an article published in Dominica addressing Mavado's lyrics and how negatively his blasphemous message has influenced the youths.

One of the writer's major concerns was why Mavado has to sing songs with lyrics suggesting he is above God. A typical example he explains is the popular church song entitled I am under the Rock. In this song he changes around the words to convey his message, the song now named "On the Rock." He explains that the song was originally written in relations to 1 Corinthians 10:4 which states that the children of Israel "Drank water from the Spiritual Rock that accompanied them, and that Rock was Christ." He has concluded that many countries refer to "crack/cocaine" as "rock" thus interpreting the song to mean "I am on crack."

In another Biblical reference the writer refers to the fourth line of the same song which goes "My name is so excellent." This he believes is blasphemous as Almighty God is the only one whose name is excellent. In Matt.12:32 the bible clearly states that "anyone who speaks blasphemously against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven."

The other Mavado song he made reference to was the popular hymn "Amazing Grace" to which he has added his own lyrics converting it to a gun tune. The chorus of his rendition states: "Amazing grace, shot fly tru face, the bwoy dem a trace, shoot up dem base, have the K's (AK47 assault rifle) dem in case, dem try fi escape, none cyaa escape, when me gun blaze." He explains that because of this and Mavado being so influential, the Minister of National Security in Dominica has been discussing implementing harsher penalties for the possession of illegal firearm and ammunition. If they are trying to do this "isn't it contradictory to bring in an artistes who sings about the same thing we are trying to put a stop to?" he asked.

Dominica isn't the only country that has taken actions against Mavado. Disk Jockeys in Trinidad and Tobago have stopped playing Mavado's lyrics on their radio stations as they blamed his lyrics for a stabbing incident that took place. Guyana and Barbados have also taken actions against him.

"This type of action does not do anything to cease Mavado's momentum and popularity, if anything, it just adds to his legend." This was a statement made Jones-Griffiths, Mavado's manager in the Jamaican Star. The writer feels that artistes are using their violent lyrics to influence youths to perform deviant behaviours and are simply using the media as a tool launch their career and make them more popular. What he can't seem to understand is how the government claims that thay want to lower the level of deviant behaviour in the country and still allow songs that glorify and encourage crime, drugs and violence to be aired daily?