What's poppin


Beenie Man and D'Angel together again?

beeni_dangel_edit_togetheragain.jpgA true sey Beenie Man and D'Angel may be getting back together. Mi nuh know but the rumour kinda a circulate from di odda day sey it look like something like dat a guh gwaan. Well YardFlex nuh believe in telling lies, suh wi a fling out di question out deh to everyone. Di ongle ting we notice is dat D'Angel now added pon dancehall night...whether a fi join Beenie Man or not...wi nuh know.


More prayers needed for Shirley

shirley_willis_coma_edit_1.jpgOur last check revealed that Shirley Willis was still in a coma at the hospital. There has been a constant prayer vigil and the demand is still there to keep sending up prayers for this vibrant gospel singer. Doctors are reporting no injury to the brain, no bleeding, which would indicate that there is every chance she will come out of this thing. Let's help her family pray her back to 100% health.


Whey Milk Dey

milk 001_edit_1.jpgHow come all now Milk caan come back pon di air. Yeah man, nuff people a ask cause she nuh get nuh suspension and yet a smady else a do har programme...so is she coming back or not?

Milk nuh badda meck nobady meck yuh bury yuh head inna di sand. A yuh private life smady raid and put pon front page. Yuh neva tief nutten, so teck heart and come back come duh yuh ting.


How people suh fool

macka_diamond_money_edit.jpgMi get one email from Macka Diamond people dem a explain sey advertisement wid har face pon one US dollar a create problem. Dem sey smady teck di money guh a dance and a spend it, get back all change before dem realise sey dem get trick. Now night or nuh night dem nuh know Macka face different and all di big writing whey deh pon it. Chu some tings shouldn't happen man.