Urgent help for Jamaican Hospital


ziggymarley_2_edit.jpgZiggy Marley has been known for his generous donations to the Bustamante Hospital for Children. His first donation was in 1991 and has continued over the years. The foundation which is called URGE (Unlimited Resources Giving Enlightenment) has made several donations since the start of the year to the cash strapped hospital. They have donated equipment such as Laryngoscope sets, blood pressure machines, a Metro Basic crash cart and a Stand Mounted Suction Pump.

The Chain of Hope, Jamaica had appealed to URGE and they responded by paying for a pacemaker for little Shinnia Porteous who was five months at the time. She is now recovering at home.

The Victoria Jubilee Hospital's Premature Nursery also received donations from the Marley family; they donated twelve CPI Baby Cots and an Infant Radiant Warmer to the institution.

St. Ann is also receiving attention from URGE as they are the host of an annual health fair in Nine Mile. Here one can find international doctors and nurses who come to offer their time, medical supplies and services.

Big up to the Marleys!