Busy's lyrics sending wrong signals


BUSY_charts_2.jpgAnother artiste is now receiving a hard time because of his violent lyrics. Promoters of the 12th Annual St. Kitts Music Festival have been expressing concern since the line up of artistes for the show has been released. They fear that the use of profanity, lyrics promoting violence and sexual acts will be on display.

The main artiste for this event is Busy Signal. The promoters are however worried as they feel his lyrics are violence based.

They have argued that everyone knows Busy Signal for his "gangsta" lyrics which have been perceived to persuade people to use violence to resolve issues. This is depicted in his breakout hit single "Step Out", a line from which goes: "Afta mi step out, inna mi black, have glock, unda mi throwback. Shot holla pon spot, Badman nuh tek back chat..." and "Bwoy disrespect, Mi get mi guns fi do a fine job". The promoters fear that Busy's lyrics will not be appropriate and are too violent for him to be on the show.

Violence in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, has been on the rise, so people are questioning whether the Music Festival Committee's choice to allow Busy to be a part of the show will just add fuel to fire. They are taking into consideration that Busy's fan base consists of teenagers, mostly males, and his lyrics are not portraying a positive message. Although Busy Signal was selected on the basis of his popularity, concerned individuals are still questioning this move.

The CEO for the St. Kitts Music Festival, Alistair Williams, has advised the public that this event is known to offer a broad blend of musical expressions and therefore whoever is slated to perform will be advised that their lyrics have to be appropriate in terms of the contract that will be established. This he explains is a surety as it is a part of the Festival's artiste contract that explicit language will not be allowed.