A Suy mi sey


By: Joan Wilson

Look for better alternatives

Joan_wilson.jpgHonestly what is the world coming to when we in Jamaica are gonna contemplate legalizing the oldest profession in the world. Sex workers Association? Articles have even gone on to refer to it as an industry? What is so Industrious about that?

I am no prude but come on man shouldn't there be a better programme aimed at helping these men and women to have some respect for themselves, helping them to look at a better alternative than abusing their bodies night after night? Can you imagine how shocked I was when I heard the PRO for the association coming on national television and saying they are willing to pay their taxes and stuff like that.

Before you had prostitutes, but they were never willing to come up front and admit that they are involved in it, now everywhere you turn it is staring you in the face. If this trend is to be continued, then very soon Jamaica will have their own 'red light district. Instead of suggesting such a thing about legalizing something that's morally wrong, not to mention unsafe for these men and women, come up with some better programmes that can set them on the path to independence and one which will see them not using their bodies as a means of support.

It saddens me that women have allowed themselves to be nothing but a few minutes of pleasure for some man, just so that they can put food on the table for their children. But on the flip side, how do you look at your kids and tell them, this is what mommy has to do to support you and then turn around and tell you daughter, that she shouldn't?

I am not judgmental, but I think prostitution is the easy way out for women who are just too lazy to seek better alternatives or they just want the easy way out for a fast buck.

I admire those women on the streets who sell donuts, bag juice, whatever it takes to make two ends meet without compromising. Without a doubt, life is hard and it shows no signs no getting any easier...but taking to the streets and trading sex for money is not an option...a suh mi sey