Jamaica - More murders than square mile!


map_kingston_edit.jpgInstead of the level of crime in Jamaica being reduced it seems to be aggressively increasing. According to The Gleaner, the Global Ratings Agency has ranked Kingston as the 31st most dangerous city in the world to live in. This report was issued earlier this month. Jamaica is a small island yet the level of crime committed in our island reflects that of a larger country.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police Mark Shields has, however, come forth to say that this report is unfair as most of the crimes in Jamaica are gang related. He explains that although Kingston is ranked as unsafe, in comparison to London and other developed countries, it is one of the safest.

This may be true but it does not excuse the fact that at least 800 persons have been killed in Jamaica in 2008 with nearly fifty percent of these murders taking place in Kingston and St. Andrew alone.

Many persons have asked, what can be done to solve this problem? Many have argued that without sufficient jobs the crime level will not decrease. This is true because when you think about it people are just looking for a way to survive and provide for their families. Some are just plain frustrated, as nothing that they do seems to make a difference to their standard of living, so they lash out at society and unfortunately me and you. If these men and women had better opportunities and constructive things to do then some of them would not have the time to get mixed up in criminal activities.

I know we all just wish that everyone would stop the killing and fighting and live as one.