Keisha Patterson's: Sunday Kind of Love

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keisha_patterson_aibum_edit.jpgKeisha Patterson, who is signed to Busy Bee Records, has come out with her debut album entitled, "Sunday Kind of Love". This album was produced by Dalton Browne of Big Ship fame and will be released soon. The album has a central jazz flavour. Keisha's inspiration for this album stemmed from listening to Jazz while growing up and listening to romantic (souls) music. Several musicians worked on this album. Musicians such as Sly Dunbar, Ewan Simpson, Robbie Lyn and Dalton Browne among others.

Songs on the album include "What a Difference", "Cry Me a River" and "At Last". The songs on this album are intended to free the mind. Removing all the problems one may be facing and taking you away from reality in a romantic way. This is a good album for lovers and persons who enjoys conscious love songs.

For those who might not know, Keisha Patterson's world has been shaped by her involvement in varying genres of music spanning musical theatre, touring the globe on music festivals with Freddie McGregor, and studio recordings with Sly and Robbie and Sinead O'Connor.

So the public can be on the look out for this album as Keisha Patterson promises that this album will exceed their expectations.