The Levy's gospel heritage continues


By: Joan Wilson

Ovando Levy_edit.jpgLubert Levy took the top prize in the JCDC's gospel competition in 2004. Four years later his son Ovando is a finalist. It is left to be seen whether he will repeat his dad's achievement.

From as far back as he can remember Ovando has always enjoyed a fascination for singing, he has been doing it since the age of three. In fact he has entered the Tastee Talent Contest on more than one occasion with his siblings under the banner Levy's Heritage.

Ovando said that in 2005 his dad got a revelation from the Holy Spirit that Levy's Heritage would be a group to be reckoned with and since then, he along with his brother Oneil and sister Oshin took Levy's Heritage on the road, performing at churches, concerts and just ministering the word in songs. The group eventually won the Canadian MAJA Award in 2006.

Although Ovando is representing the Levy's Heritage as a sole performer they are still a group. His siblings were left out because of a clause in the contract for the competition. JCDC already had their back up vocals for all performers. But with with support in the wings and driven by his father's support, Ovando will be going all out in the competition to show Jamaica what he can do. He says it's all about ministry and he relish the chance of sharing with many on the road shows.

Hailing from the community of Windsor Heights in St Catherine, Ovando attended St Catherine High School. The JCDC gospel finalist is now a student at the Edna Manley College School of Music where he is pursuing popular music study along with music education.