What's poppin'


No Finish Line

edit_vybz_mavado.jpgIsn't it sad when artistes and their fans are mashing up the business. Can you imagine Finish Line the Summer edition which was supposed to be held on Saturday featuring Kartel and Mavado did not get a permit from the police to be held in the division...cause they feared the two camps would go at it.

Remember that big press conference at Pegasus Hotel where the two cried peace, wonder if they didn't remember to pass it on to their supporters. Save the music, before nutten nuh lef!


New Role for Paul Campbell

edit_paulcampbell_2_edit.jpgJamaican Actor Paul Campbell slated to play his usual bad boy self in upcoming film "Gangster" by Platinum Camp Pictures. Campbell set to play alongside actors Shauna Chin of Headline Entertainment, Barrington Levy of Platinum Camp and Ed Robinson of E.R.M.A.

Platinum Camp promises an even bigger lineup to be announced!

No set release date as yet.


Festival roadshows now on in earnest

edit_jamaica_flag_large_1.jpgFinalists in the JCDC Jamaica Festival competition took to the streets again in another of their street blocker road shows. This in an attempt to garner as many votes as possible for the competitors and the give Jamaicans a chance to 'experience the festival vibes'.
Summerfield and Sinclairs Car Park in Christiana were the stops for the Festival crew.

The action is definitely heating up and come July the biggie will be held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre were the winner will be announced.


Shauna_Chin_in_Addis Ababa Day 1_edit.jpgActor Shauna Chin arriving as a guest to Haile Selassie's Palace on May 30,2008 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She was one of the guests to arrive as personal invitation to dine with the current President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, H.E. Ato Girma W. Giorgis for her work as a Humanitarian.

She was very ladylike, but you could tell she was struck by Selassie's throne. They had his original throne exactly like how he left it and she kept touching it. That's that carved thing that she is standing by. The last picture is part of the throne by itself.