Shirley Willis hospitalized


shirley_willis_coma_edit.jpgFollowing an accident on Wednesday night gospel singer Shirley Willis in now fighting for her life in a Kingston Hospital. Up to submission of this news brief, the singer was said to be in a coma. Details are sketchy, but it is understood that the singer was alone when she crashed.

Shirley Willis was the unforgettable leading vocal of the age-old gospel group, The Grace Thrillers. One of the most visible and renowned member of the original group, Shirley's compelling voice in popular songs like "By the Grace of God I am Saved", "Can't Even Walk", "Oh What a Sunrise" and "Not My Will" has won the hearts of Jamaicans at home and Jamaicans through out the Diaspora.

Shirley's marital bliss with Noel Willis, eventually came to an end and they legally parted in 2004. Shirley's disassociation with the Grace Thrillers group was also official at that time. Since the dissolve of the original Grace Thrillers, Shirley has released one album, "Trust Him More". Shirley recently joined the newly formed group Thrillers United which includes former Grace Thrillers members Sandra Brooks and Dian Barnett.

YardFlex prayers is with Shirley and we are praying for a speedy recovery.