But a wha duh some gal sah


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow, yuh si like how mi lose mi best friend mi a guh talk di tings dem. But a wha do some ediat gal sah, who claim sey dem a hot gal and gwaan like dem a hype pon mi and dem a man mascot. Di way dem a gwaan is like sey dem a fuss inna di line, but a waan tell dem sey dem deh a di back a di line!

Mi a di original and mi know di imitator dem – straight!

Now since as mi a talk up di tings might as well mi cuss and done. Now dis gal who claim sey she a marketing executive and sey companies not stop fly har all over di globe a try hype pon me and a watch my business. But weh she no kno is datwhile she a watch fi mi business fi har a spoil. She a run dung di engineer whey she claim sey har bonafide man and mi a have di last laugh cause if she ongle know sey di man a nuh fi har alone, mi stop count how much woman him breed and she still tink sey him nah stray.

Ordinarily mi nuh cater, but when a girl waan gwaan like she deh pon top a di worl...me affi bring her bak to grung. And weh hot mi even more, she deh yah a play di role a wedding planner and in di mean time a hope sey di man wi put di ring pon fi har finger, she not even know sey di muma out a road a chat har big time, how she a use har and ting. Di madda sey she want better fi har son and him coulda never lick him head a guh put ring pon fi har finga.

And all a dat mi neva have di heart fi laugh afta yuh when yuh find out sey di madda did a play hypocrite and dat yuh neva stand a chance wid di son, di shame yuh shame you fly out gone a foreign. But nutten nuh change, yuh barely lan, yuh start to chase another man, dis time one whey nuh belong to yuh. Still yuh fi know sey di man nah lef him good good wife fi yuh...yuh ain't dat good sista.

Yeah, yuh might brown and di coolie har a glisten, but dat alone caan hold man. Memba dat!

Sorry yah peeps, fi bring mi personal business pon di internet, but yuh done know mi caan hold back nutten when mi bex and a di ongle way di skettel a guh si dis, cause mi know she love read bout people business.

Yes, a yuh same one mi a talk, yuh done know yuself a aready! Mi sey dat.