Buju and Junior...time to bury the hatchet


buju_juniorREID.jpgThe Buju Banton and Junior Reid drama seem to have no end. Junior Reid was quoted publicly as saying that he has forgiven Buju for the disrespect he showed him at the Best of the Best show in Miami. Reid was annoyed and upset because he claimed that Buju referred to him as 'Junior Greed' in front of his daughter Destiny who wanted to meet Buju whom she really admired. That was the real reason Junior got all upset and called Banton a fish.

A lot of people feel as if Buju should have apologized to Reid for his behaviour but a report in a weekend paper claimed that Buju had disparaging words for Junior Reid at Weddy Weddy. So...where will this end? All we at YardFlex can say is let good sense prevail we don't endorse insult or any kind of verbal abuse....if Reid's daughter looks up to you and wanted to meet you, show some professional courtesy.

Honestly we are getting sick and tired of all these dancehall feuds, just when you think you have put it all behind you another one crops up. But what makes it worse is that these two artistes are well respected in the dancehall circles, not just locally – but on the internationally. They are admired and respected all over the world, and that it should involve two of the top artistes who are waving the reggae flag across the globe, it's really sad.

On that note, we hope that both go back to making beautiful music and living as one. It's time to bury the hatchet, but not in each other! Who knows you can both use this opportunity to do a combination and present a united front.