Ever Wondered Why Fathers' Day Does Not Get The Same Attention As Mothers' Day?


By: Jodi-Kaye Watson

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Fathers Day is a day for children to show their love and appreciation to their fathers. However it often seems that individuals pay more attention to Mothers' Day than Fathers' Day. We all know mothers are important and children share a special bond with their mothers but aren't fathers important too?

When it's close to Mothers' Day the pharmacies, stores and vendors on the streets have dozens of baskets for sale. Now, I am sure this Fathers' Day weekend some persons won't even remember about Fathers' Day on Sunday, June 15. The pharmacies, stores and street sides are not flooded with baskets and gifts. Why is this so? Even Valentines' Day gets more recognition than Fathers' Day.

I know people will argue about dead-beat fathers who are not living up to their responsibilities, but all fathers are not the same. There are some fathers who take very good care of their children. When the mothers are not around they have to assume that responsibility as well.

We at YardFlex would just like to wish all the reliable fathers who know they play a proactive role in their children's life a Happy Fathers' Day! We hope this day will be a memorable one for all you fathers and we hope that you continue to support and care for your children. As for you dead-beats, you all need to start living up to your responsibilities.

Happy Fathers Day!