Come offa di white liquid case now


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgNow let's set the record straight, a sick and tiad a how Jamaicans dem a hypocrite and love crucify people f I whey dem duh inna dem bedroom or in private. Although di jury still out whether a lass di man phone did lass and smady fine it and start Bluetooth di video all ova di place. Personally mi believe odda wise cause mi know how some man hype and galang and mi did hear a likkle ting sey a long time him did have di video a show him friend dem a di radio as mi sey mi nuh suh sure bout di lass phone story.

But wha mi a guh cuss bout is di fact how everybody a persecute di woman like sey a sinting she did thief or a crime she commit. Suh wha if she feel like give har man maximum pleasure...a whey di big crime inna dat. Tell mi now? Mi all hear how di TV station a put har pon suspension and di next ting mi hear is dat she mighta lose har job. Now di last time mi check giving yuh man pleasure is not a crime. It might be embarrassing when the video buss out like dat, but crime nah.

Di hottest ting bout it is that she have har pickney inna school and him a face no ends a embarrassment since di video start to blue tooth. Whey mi waan know is why Jamaican people suh obsessed wid whey happen inna di bedroom. Seriously dem need a life man. Mi tiad a all dis excitement ova di video. A bet yuh if a two no name people whey did deh pon one video yuh wouldn’t hear peep fire bout it.

Mi dear, mi feel it fi yuh, yeah fi real yuh did kinda stupid fi meck him video yuh wid him cell phone, yuh neva hear bout di whole heap a blue tooth ting whey a gwaan in regards to dat...but if him a teck yuh yuh shoulda meck sure sey yuh teck him back, dat whey yuh have something a hold tuh...cause as mi sey, yuh neva know.

Still on the subject of Milky one, a time fi dem leave har son alone, him neva do anyting, doan terrorise di youth, him done feel bad aready and unno parents whey have unno pickney dem a meck fun a him, memba sey maybe some a unno nuh squeaky clean either, so watch it.