A Suh mi sey

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By: Joan Wilson

Its Father's Day again

Joan_wilson.jpgWell father's day a come up Sunday and mi haffi talk bout di good and di bad one dem. Big up to di man dem whey all a comb dem daughter hair cause dem a single dad...yes a few a dem out deh. Is not only man alone a run leave dem responsibility, woman do it too. So kudos to the real responsible and caring ones who stick around to have a positive imput in their children's lives. Fi mi it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen when I see a father out with his kids and they are looking trustingly at him and you can see that there is no shortage of love in that family. YardFlex sey you must continue doing your thing.

Now to the wutless puppa dem, it really get to me when I have to listen to some of them bragging about how much yout dem get. Well dem right, dem really get di youth dem but dem not doing anything else wid dem, more time dem just pass dem on fi somebody else take up the responsibility.

What's the use of fathering kids if you don't take the time to visit them, have a one on one, give them the chance to talk to you, show them the facts of life from a man's point of view, be a good role model to them, in short let them have somebody to look up and emulate. Mothers are good, but no matter how good she is, there is still a void there for fathers. It's my dream that men stop being sperm donors and play a more active role in the lives of their children. Me tired of the men on the corner kneading their hand middle with the ganja, cruising around in expensive vehicles, looking more women and they don't have a clue how their children are managing.
Father's Day is coming up, I wonder how many men even know where their children are.

I'm not beating up on men, I just want to see father's having a more hands on approach in the lives of their kids, who knows maybe then we will begin to see a reduction in crime and more balanced individuals coming up in the society...a suh mi sey.