News Brief


Richie Spice leaves Fifth Element

richiespice_edit_08.jpgRichie Spice and his long time management company Fifth Element Records have parted on friendly terms. Following months of speculations, company officials confirmed the rumours reminding fans and media members that it was a mutual decision taken in the best interest of Richie Spice's career.

Fifth Element Records helped in shaping the career of Richie Spice; and has expressed their blessings for him on his journey. After spending so many years atop charts around the world, Richie Spice has taken a decision to invest more time and energy into his own previously formed family based management company, aptly titled Bonner Cornerstone Music.

Bonner Cornerstone Music currently handles the affairs of family members, Spanner Banner and Snatcha Lion.

According to Richie Spice, the change was necessary, as he desires to take his career on a different path.


The Ban on Bonner

richiespice_gideonBoot_edit.jpgRichie Spice's latest entry on the albums chart, "Gideon Boot" has been slapped with an indefinite ban by the IRIE FM Programmes Department.

The ban extends not only to the material found on the album "Gideon Boot", but to all songs from his repertoire. According to IRIE FM officials, the song contained an expletive that could faintly be heard after the song had ended, and came as a surprise to Announcer Elise Kelly who was playing the song in her shift.

Representatives from VP Records also expressed their shock upon hearing of the ban, and have begun taking corrective steps to rectify the situation.

The album was part of a deal with ace producer Bobby Digital, who was charged with the responsibility of selecting the final copies of the songs for the album, released on VP records label. Unofficial word from insiders is suggesting that a mistake was made on the part of the person charged with the responsibility of mastering the songs for the final album cut.

Members of Bonner Cornerstone Music, at which Richie Spice is now officially based have expressed outrage at this mistake being made; one which is definitely casting a negative light on the singer who is noted for his cultural songs.