Good Badminded Friend


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgBwoy mi nuh know how fi sey dis but di ongle way mi can really bring di point across is sey dat you really have some "good badmind friend" bout di place. Yes mi know onnu a wonder how me can use good, bad mind and friend inna di same sentence but afta mi explain onnu wi si sey nuh odda word coulda work.

Yuh know sey yuh have some friend whey nuh really wish yuh well. Dem wi come round, and galang like sey yuh a all dat, dem caring, dem willing fi listen to yuh problem dem and dem all a get upset if nubady look like sey dem even waan fi si yuh.

But check out di move nuh, if yuh did a notice yuh woulda realise sey dem always a ask yuh fi sinting. Dem eva a borrow money and afta dem get it dem develop amnesia right away suh yuh realise sey dat dey money nuh have nuh pay a pay back! And di wus part a di friendship is dat everyting whey yuh tell dem sey dem go cross di cawna a chat a tell everybady.

Now if yuh waan ask mi wha meck mi write bout dis yah topic yah is dat mi get burn bad di odda day. Yeah, nuff a unno gooda sey mi nuh have nuh good friend and unno probably right, but mi did really have a sistren whey mi check fah. But mi shoulda si di writing pon di wall cause everytime she come a di house har yeye all ova di place, she nuh stop talk how mi tings dem look good and a ask whey mi buy dem and nuff time she want dis and dat and mi gi it to har.

One time mi did kinda down in di dumps, cause tings neva did a go so well so mi bruck down and tell har how di man a pree one nex' girl and she all a tell mi nuffy meck him get to mi. And how mi nuffy meck di gal win and mi fi fight fi mi man.

Now straight up she did kinda cheer mi up but di odda day mi inna Walmart and buck up a likkle catty, mi and she nuh big big friend but wi talk. And mi certainly wouldn't tell she fi mi business, so yuh can imagine how mi did feel when she start tell mi everyting mi tell mi 'so-call' friend? Mi sey if di earth coulda open up and teck mi in a woulda guh willing. Mi vex suh till. A caan believe di woman teck di whole a mi business and go broadcast it. Di damn bad mind wretch.
Yuh know how hard mi wuck fi mi tings and she lang yeye and get dem and a suh she pay mi back? Well mi a tell unno...know unno friends and careful how unno blabba unno mouth to dem.