Milk speaks out about her video


milk 001_edit.jpgYardFlex caught up with Milk yesterday morning as she explains her feelings about the video that has been in circulation. I am sure some, if not everyone has heard or seen the video of Milk and her boyfriend. Milk has stated that she is deeply hurt by the fact that people are so evil. "Dj Liquid and I have been together for six years and the video only got out because he lost his phone," Milk explained

"I just want it all to stop because of my son; I don't want this to affect him as he is currently in high school. Some people are saying why I didn't think of him before? Well I wasn't thinking of him before because I didn't expect the video to go public. Yes it was wrong to videotape myself but nothing is wrong with what I was doing. It's not like I was having sex with a woman or anything like that. The public needs to stop acting as if it's taboo". These are the words of Milk herself.