Polish group records album at Tuff Gong Studio


By: Dave Lindo
Photography By: Milton Raynor


Tuff Gong International Limited Recording Studio, the musical haven of the Legendary Bob Marley, recently hosted a group from Poland who teamed up with Jamaican musicians to record an album.


The project began on May 27 and ended on June 8, 2008. It had Polish producers, Krystian 'K- Jah' Walczak and David 'Jamal' Portasz, from top polish reggae band Jafia Namuel working with some of the best local musicians sourced by Tuff Gong to work on the album.


David, speaking to YardFlex, was very excited about the project, "It's one of the best experiences in my life. It's like you have a swimming pool at your home and then you get out in the ocean. That is how coming to Jamaica and working at Tuff Gong with these talented musician feel like."

The musicians who worked on the project are: (keyboards) Robbie Lyn, Phillip James and Kevon Webster; (guitar) Robert Browne, Ian Coleman and Wayne Hammond; (bass) Robbie Shakespeare, Michael Fletcher, Glen Browne and Strickland Stone; (drums) Sly Dunbar, Deleon White and Mark Dawson; (percussion) Sticky Thompson. Top local producer, Shane Brown, worked as one of the mixing engineers along with Errol Brown and Roland McDermott.

David added, "I was impressed with the professionalism of the musicians we worked with here. You had people given open heartedly to music, the vibes was really strong."

Commenting on reggae music in Poland he said. "It is very big there. Of course Bob Marley's music paved the way, along with Burning Spear. Presently Stephen Marley represents the evolution. We have many reggae bands right now and it is spreading even more."


David disclosed that his band Jafia Namuel has been on the road for the past 5 years doing up to 120 shows in one year where they have received 'amazing' response. They took a break off the road for the making of this album.

Tuff Gong's General Manager, Mitzy Evans, said that the project was an overwhelming success, "It went on just fine, they (Polish group) are easy to work with. David has a wonderful voice and sometimes sounds like he is a Jamaican. The lyrics are good, and the music itself is just fabulous. They have been just great!"

Ms. Evans disclosed that people from all over the world have been coming to Tuff Gong where they try to facilitate in the best way possible.

"Tuff Gong has always tried its best to facilitate people from all over the world. We recently had 45 Journalist from Italy whom was down here for the promotion of the Rotterdam Music Festival in Italy."

Musicians Phillip James, Deleon White and Strickland Stone from the Dub Tonic Kru said that they enjoyed working with the Polish musicians. "It was great, they are very creative. It just confirmed that our music reach everywhere," James said.

"They basically had their thing together already but we just added our own interpretation and enhanced the work."

Commenting on the quality of the music White said, "Classic reggae music, the songs are sounding real good. It is good reggae music."