A Suh Mi Sey


By: Joan Wilson

Barrel Children

Joan_wilson.jpgBwoy di week past so fast dat mi all neva realize sey mi neva do mi column! Can you believe it. Yes dis week since as mi read one story bout barrel children mi a guh touch pon it. Is a ting whey mi always concern bout.

Life hard, without a doubt mi agree wid dat and sometimes di parents dem haffi guh look it in a next country, but a don't tink dat both parents should do dat and in di case whey is a single parent home, den dat parent should meck sure sey the children mentally and emotionally alright wid dat decision.

Some a di parents dem guh whey and yuh done know sey dem spoil di visa suh dem caan come and guh as dem please, so di poor child suffer. And to compensate fi di fact dat dem caan physically si di pickney, dem send all kinda stuff from foreign inna barrel come gi dem. Like sey di barrel supposed to meck up fi di fact dat dem not around.

Some pickney well adjusted and nuh matter what life throws at dem, dem just have dis survival instinct whey wi si dem excelling no matter what. But what about those who yearns after mummy or daddy and the only comfort dem can get is a barrel from foreign.

Can a barrel of goods sit down with that child, hug him and allow him to talk to you and really say what's on his mind. Can a barrel physically be there for that child and reassures him everyday that he is one of the most important gifts to you?

For the most part the barrel is just a way to ease the parent guilty conscience because they are not there physically for their children. So they over compensate by sometimes giving them things they don't even need...and don't think the children don't know this!

It’s a tough decision fi any parent make...how do you balance, putting food pon di table and physically being there for your child...without any food! Maybe you will have to go, but put proper steps in place, ensure you have a really good conversation with your child, show dem the realities of life and meck dem know yuh would move heaven and earth fi dem. And please, please, please, meck sure whoever yuh leaving them in the care of will not meck tings worse. Not every aunty and uncle a good parent figure. Monitor yuh pickney proper, cause yuh a guh dey too far fi si wha a gwaan...suh mi sey!