Mavado freed of gun charges


mavado_charges_dropped.jpgDancehall artiste Mavado had the gun-related charges against dropped earlier today when he appeared in the Gun Court in Kingston.

According to IrieFM, the director of public prosecution made an order that the proceedings should not continue after the police told the court this week that the witnesses had migrated.

These charges were the reason for him being refused entrance to the US awhile back. Hopefully, with the charges dropped, the DJ will once again be able to travel to the US.

July 27th last year, it was alleged that Mavado was involved in a shooting incident on Mannings Hill Road in St. Andrew.


  • villager

    big up mavado u a di real man an as BUGLE say some ppl stop by obstacle but mi nuh god bless yute like u journey continue miami awaits u di REAL GULLY GAD big up bounty killa an di whole ALLIANCE

  • pinky

    p*ssy s*ck u self movado a the boss bout u not support these gangsta shit why the f*ck u comment if u don`t have anythin good 2 say am out


    Yardflex!! mi notice that some of mi previous post pertaining to these so called alliance members..uunno refuse fi put up but mi nuh give a f**ck! I give my honest opinion when it comes on to these fools mi naah support no bwoy with these gangsta shit music that INFLUENCE CRIME & VIOLENCE INNA DI LITTLE ISLAND CALLED JAMAICA.

    Most of the uneducated youths take word for word what they are singing in some of these songs and literally react the exact way so they need to tone it down LOOK AT THE MURDER RATE IN JAMAICA ALREADY!! MY GOD..I'm not mad that the way is now clear for him to get back his visa but these artistes need to do better and ah dat mi sey!

  • pinky

    movado put god in ever thin dat u do cuz u have some bad mind people want 2 see u go down so keep do n ur thin babes dem can`t stop u in lif3

  • kimgoodas

    p*ssyhole ppl pon di computer leave di man name alone en meck him do him job u dont c the man a gangsta yo ya chat to much like a gal bumb*cl*t

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