Bus Fare Gone Sky High


By: Jodi-Kaye Watson

buses1.jpgIt seems like the price of everything is rising except the salary of Jamaicans. It has been announced that The Office of Utilities Regulation has approved a 25 per cent increase for rural buses and hackney carriages. Jamaica is a nice place to live, but it seems so impossible when you have citizens working for minimum wage while at the same time bus fares are increasing. When you really think about it $3,700 per week cannot do much. There are bills to pay, children have to go to school and people have to eat.

No working individual should take home less than $6,000 per week when considering the economic situation Jamaica is facing. I remember, just the other day one loaf of bread was for $95, now when you visit retail outlets it's $190 for that same loaf of bread! This is unbelievable! Jamaica needs a miracle if we are going to survive.

You have some individuals who have to take two or three public vehicles to get to work, now with imminent increase in bus fares they may as well stay home, as they may be better off. It seems as if some Jamaicans are only working to pay bus fare and buy lunch. Jamaicans really have it hard. It makes no sense for us to play the blame game as it will not make the situation better. All that I can say is... "be strong Jamaicans and pray for a miracle because we really need it."