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Hooray for Barack Obama

who-is-barack-obama.jpgYes people another victory for the di black race. A bet yuh a whole heap a unno neva si dis ya day ya a come. Nuff people a come wid dem negative vibes sey him nah last long inna di house if him win cause dem nuh want nuh black president a rule over dem.

But a just one ting mi haffi sey bout dem deh argument, a which colour delegate help fi meck him seal di right fi run gainst John McCain. Dem fi memba dat!

Di man a gwaan and wi ask God fi be with him and guide him as him campaign fi di real ting now...President of the United States.

Instead a criticize and a look fi obstacle unno pray fi di man and start rally up spport from now fi him. And dose of you who creative come up with some more addictive, catchy song that him name will be ringing on everyone's lips by the time voting come round.

But fi now YardFlex just waan fi big up Obama and congratulate him pon this achiemevement. Wi know more coming, suh hear wha, just gwaan do you ting!


Ashanti's 'Declaration' Begins Today

Ashanti_thedeclaration.jpgAshanti's fourth album The Declaration will officially hit the shelves today.

The album includes production from A-list producers Jermaine Dupri, LT Hutton, Babyface, Pharrell Williams, Bryan-Michael Cox and more!

"One of the reasons I call the album 'The Declaration,' is because I feel it's important to present all sides of what being a woman is about," she says. "Historically, we've always been relegated to the bottom of the totem pole, whether it's business or the battle of the sexes or just empowering each other. I want this album to make people feel stronger about themselves. I've always used the ups and downs in my own life as well as others close to me as a motivational tool and I hope my music comes off that way. I felt a lot of passion making this record. I loved every minute I was in the studio." Ashanti was quoted as saying to

Ashanti continues "The Declaration" movement by launching a female empowerment site,


Ne-Yo Given Community Service Sentence

neyo_edit.jpgAfter pleading no content to reckless driving charges rapper Ne-Yo was sentenced to 24 hours community service.

Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo was booked for speeding and driving without a license after traffic cops in Georgia flagged down his Range Rover in February. He entered a guilty plea for the second traffic offense.

According to local newspaper the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Ne-Yo will be performing for the youth group Boys and Girls Club as part of his community service.

During sentencing at a Georgia court on Monday, he was also fined $1,000 and has been ordered to attend a defensive driving class.