Better Mus Come makes world premiere Saturday


storm_saulter.jpgBetter Mus' Come a suspense drama that was set in 1977 against the backdrop of political gang activity will make its world premier at the Flashpoint Film Festival on Saturday, June 7 at Fort Charles, Port Royal. The storyline was brought to life with the added talent of the exceptional and dynamic Nicole Grey, Roger Guenveur Smith (American Gangster, Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing), Everaldo Creary, Ricardo Orgill and Dwayne Pusey.

"Through reading about the political tensions in the seventies, I wanted to use this film to explore the root of many of our post-independence problems," commented director of the film Storm Saulter. "I became fascinated with the violent culture that was born with the arming of certain groups which has created a culture of violence that has stayed with Jamaica, and is identified with Jamaicans worldwide," he continued.

Producing the film did not come without its challenges as the director explained, "It was very hard to get proper special effects material and props into the island is exploding blood, blank shells, fake movie guns. The people we were renting from in Hollywood thought it was too dangerous here, and that someone would steal the guns and start a militia or something - a militia with fake m16's." "The Government needs to work out an easier approach for us filmmakers to get the right tools to do a world class job, safely. However the JDF and the JCF came through for us and provided our prop guns and blank shells, and security. They were excellent and I give them the highest respect and ratings for being so professional and helping us get the job done."