What's Poppin


Junior Reid explains

edit_junior_REID.jpgJunior Reid a talk up di tings regarding his kick off with Buju Banton at Best of the Best. He was on Richie B's programme yesterday and in the Chat! The singer is contending that the only reason he reacted to Buju's hailing like that was because Buju was playing the hypocrite. Buju had earlier referred to him Junior in the earring of his daughter Destiny as Junior Greed and then he hailed him as if he hadn't just said something about him. According to Junior that's why he called him a fish. Well, seems as if the drama doesn't end!


Jamaicans cold

manjumps_through_window.jpgBwoy Jamaica people nuh easy yuh know. What a way di people dem whey gather a KPH forced di mentally ill man fi jump from offa di top a di building. Nah tell nuh lie, mi blood run cold when mi si sey him really jump. Him drop pon some spikes and barbed wire. It look like him might be paralyzed fi life.


Big up yuhself Usain

usain_bolt_2_edit.jpgTalk bout blood run cold. Mi caan tell yuh how much time mi watch Usain recording winning race pon youtube. What a race man. Mi proud fi true. But mi nuh like how a certain paper a try pit two great runners gainst each odda. Meck wi enjoy di fact dat wi have di two fastest runner in di world and nuh badda start nuh foolishness and negative vibe.


Commissioner of Police call it quits

hardley-lewin-01.jpgCommissioner of Police Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin called it quits just after six months of acquiring the post. There were reports that the Government was contemplating to replace the then commissioner.

Reports of the Police Commissioner's resignation have left an air of uncertainty over the National Security Portfolio coming on the heels of the removal of Derrick Smith as Minister a month ago.

However, there has been no official statement from the Government.