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Sizzla decides to cancel the remaining part of his French tour

edit_sizzla_feature.jpgDancehall artiste Sizzla went AWOl in France where he was scheduled to perform on May 29 in Ramonville near Toulouse, then on Sunday June 1 at Montpellier. According to reports Sizzla is said to have suddenly decided to cancel the remainder of his French tour. He left suddenly for Jamaica without even giving formal notice of his decision to the organizers of the remaining concerts.

Tjenbé Rèd expressed its sadness following Sizzla's incomprehensible and hardly professional decision. According to them his action bring into question the very possibility of a dialogue with him.

YardFlex is still confused on the whole drama as the press release sent from France would indicate that his actions could have something to with the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA) where artistes agree not to do any songs hitting out against homosexual.


Reggae Lovers Unite for Freedom of Speech

freedomofspeechbanner.jpgReggae lovers are fighting back! There is a commission formed to defend freedom of speech where reggae music is concerned.

Based on the tremendous pressure some dancehall artistes have been facing with gay rights group the commission is now formed to fight back.

The most recent attack surfaced in Waterloo, Ontario on May 10th where Mr Vegas was scheduled to perform but could not, as the venue was threatened by gay activists stating that if Vegas perform they would picket the event.

Unfortunately, the venue cancelled the show to avoid the unwanted negative attention the establishment would receive had the show gone
on. In an effort to fight these many cancellations and in some cases song withdrawals, blogger Maria Jackson has put a group together called REGGAE LOVERS FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The purpose of the group is to investigate and challenge these gay activists as oppose to simply giving in to their every requests. The group which currently has members hailing from different parts of the world is open to the public and does invite any and everyone who believes that reggae is being unfairly targeted to join the fight.

  • Well well well... It be interesting to teach people what Freedom Of Speech means in the first place, as before this step, no other step can be achieved. As a society, we need to put some parameter of where freedom of speech stop. And going on stage and advertising the violence against a part of the population is NOT freedom of speech. If you cannot accept that, there is no place for a conversation and there is no place for this issue to evolve. I have no clue why they tried to cancelled MrVegas performance. Despite what people may think because of my website, I do not work into any gay & lesbian organization. I do appreciate the hard work they have put into this spiritual fight. I personally think it's a shame to use Bob Marley image for this 'fight' for freedom of speech. NEVER EVER forget who started that conflict: it's the dancehall singers themselves by advocating violence in their songs and onstage. this is a SHAME. It's tarnishing reggae's and Jamaica's reputation worldwide. If we want to reach an end to this conflict, people have to stop putting their head in the sand. Some people are claming their right for the so called 'freedom of speech' in entertainment for their own pleasure, when some people are being agress violently and sometimes some people are even killed. The more and more I study this conflict, the more I want to stay far away from religion. Religious fanatism: not for me. And hopefully not for you eighter. You don't like homosexuals. Fine. Nobody will for you to love us. We can live without your love without any trouble. But we will stand firm to fight for our rights to walk without the fear of beiing agress, make not of that. If you really want this conflict to end like I do, some steps have to be taken. There is no way out. First: the artists that have preached violence MUST repair the wrong they have done if they want to travel overseas: they must sign the RCA stating that they will no longer advocate violence, including in the Caribbean and they must say to their fans that it was a mistake to encourage violence and ask their fans not to so. After that, they should be willing to perform freely. And if there is a gay and lesbian organization that is not respecting that, I will be the first to tell them that they MUST respect their part of the contract. Because nobody will win from an endless fight. Please stop only looking at the consequences when you are making your opinion. You need to take the whole picture into consideration. Gays and lesbians are not canceling concerts to piss people off. These associations believe it was the right thing to do in order to stop the violence by targeting the most visible. I (like many others) really want this conflict to stop. If you want to be part of the solution, accept that it was an inevitable situation and that the dancehall industry must not pretend that anything occurred. To me the solution is so simple, but these musicians seems to not be ready to do that: The eight dancehall artists that have been targetted by the Stop Murder Music campaign should call a press conference in Jamaica. They should all sign the Reggae Compassionate Act in front of the camera and each of them should denounce violence to ANYONE with a speech that would be something like: "I realize that I have made mistake in the past. Although I do not agree with homosexuality, It was wrong from me to advertise violence in my music. I ask my fans to discard the few songs that would incite such violence". After that, I am POSITIVE that we could evolve in a better place for each and everyone to evolve. Are Jamaican dancehall fans ready to see their favorite singers doing that? I doupt, But I hope so. We MUST evolve into a safer an brighter future. A singer that admit that he was wrong should not be seen as someone who bow. He should rather be seen as someonewho as evolve. Thanks for the people who have enough lovbe in their heart to pass freedom of people before entertainment values.

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