Murder toll close to 700, let's do our part now!


By: The Sensible One

murders.jpgSince the start of the year the murder toll in Jamaica is now close to the 700 mark. The murders seem to be escalating on a daily basis. It's time Jamaicans hold the powers that be responsibly to effectively deal with this new crisis facing Jamaica. Now is not the time to have conferences and talk about solutions, it's time to address the deep root of the problem so that Jamaica can once again go back to the beautiful country it once was.

Politicians and residents must stop providing a safe harbor for criminals, they have to come clean with what they know and help the police to effectively deal with it.

Cops must stop getting in bed with the same people they claim they are trying to capture. Unless corrupt cops realize the image of the country is far more important than making deals and padding their pockets, their co-workers will always be at risk.

Residents instead of protesting and shielding criminals must help the police in the fight to clamp down on these killers.

Girls who enjoy the thrill of spending and profiling with blood money, while washing the bloodied clothes must share the blame too.

This wave of crime affecting the country must's not a sole crusader job, it's an effort that must be shared by everyone. Of course citizens needs to once again have confidence in the police, but how can they when witnesses are disappearing on rapid, the fear is rampant that the same people they make the report to are selling them out to the perpetrators.

One thing is for certain, this cannot continue, it's time for all to play their part in curtailing this spiraling problem.