Yendi Phillipps...her star is still rising


By: Joseph Cunningham

yendi_(risingstar).jpgReigning Miss Jamaica World, Yendi Phillips, is still an increasing glow. She has been selected as the replacement for longstanding 'Digicel Rising Star' host, Denise Hunt.

Yendi shared with YardFlex, exactly how this, one of her latest successes, came about. There was an audition opened to an aspiring short-list of hosts, a routine which Yendi said was an exciting challenge.

"From my observation, the criteria for coping with the role was to have a vibe which would capture the attention of onlookers."

Further, she revealed that the significant challenge was script reading. A challenge, which was not just about one's reading ability, but rather about reading with style and purpose before a panel of judges.

Since then she has been busy with the auditions, working alongside Nadine Sutherland, Clyde McKenzie and the infamous Anthony Miller, with whom, she revealed, she has absolutely no problem 'meshing' with.

Word on the street is that Yendi has filled Denise Hunt's former slot extremely well, and has in fact brought her own brand as the host of 'Digicel Rising Star'.