A Suh Mi Sey


By: Joan Wilson

Save this generation now!

Joan_wilson.jpgThe other day a was on di bus and a hear a song and mi neva did a too penny it until a line just penetrate mi brain. To tell di truth, a can't even remember the exact words but it guh something like "bad man kill a day, dem nuh kill a night," something like dat.
And I was like "what the hell is this!"

It's sad when in light of all the daylight drive by shooting, we now have a song glorifying the act, don't even know who does the song, just know that line caught me.

Now, people a time we set some standards when it comes to the music we allow ourselves and our children to listen to. What kind of message are we allowing them to feed on and when they start to behave aggressive and want to live out the words of the songs, can you really blame them. Yes, the argument has been bandied about that they are just words and that it will not have any effect on the listeners, but that's oh so wrong.

Is that the reason motivational speakers tell you repeatedly that words are powerful and that you should speak things into your lives? Words are powerful tools, they can see a person having a positive or a negative outlook on life. If you tell a child constantly that he is a good for nothing trash that will end up a bum then chances are...he will fulfill that prophecy on his life!

In a similar fashion if he is told that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind on he can...that child will grow up with confidence. Now if everyday all that child feeds on is negative lyrics, disrespecting women, glorifying crime and heaven knows what else, then why are we complaining now about what we are now reaping?

The call is out for parents to start monitoring what their kids are watching and listening. The way forward now is to save this upcoming generation...we can't do anything about those who are already gone through the gate...for real a suh mi sey.