Teen sisters murdered


christina&lisabrown.jpg19-year old Christina and 17-year-old Lisa Brown were brutally murdered on Tuesday at their home when three men entered the premises on Henderson Avenue in Kingston and sprayed them with bullets.

The sight that greeted onlookers upon entering the room was Christina's lifeless body laid in a relaxed position with one of her legs on the window sill, while her sister was shot dead as she crouched with her hands over her face behind a chest of drawers. This would indicate the teens were begging for their lives as they met their demise.

The girl's mother, Donna Brown broke down and sobbed uncontrollable for her daughters even as church sisters tried to console her.

According to police reports the men were armed with 9mm pistols and they entered the house from the rear and shot the two sisters, then fired at their father before escaping in a gully behind the premises. Mr. Brown escaped injury.

It is also believed by investigating officers that one of the sisters is intimate with a man accused of being involved in a triple murder the week before in another community. The men came in search of that man and when he was not found they killed the two sisters instead.

Photographs Source: Jamaica Observer