The Worst 'Best of the Best'


By: Kaylia Williams
Photography By: RockersTV & Kaylia Williams

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YardFlex had the opportunity to speak to patrons as they exited Bicentennial Park, downtown Miami as the show came to a premature end.

"A di worst Best of the Best this to rahtid, since VP come out it mash up, jah kno!" said an angry patron.


YardFlex witnessed Brick& Lace's performance at around 4pm when they told patrons "Love is Wicked." They were well received. But it was not too long after, the Daseca Family awakened too relaxed patrons, having them singing hit 'DOH'.


A damaging set was done by Assassin who totally ripped the crowd with his new hits 'Boring Gal' and 'Leave us Alone', he was pleased when he did hits from his repoitore which had the crowd begging for more. Tarrus fired musical shots warning patrons 'Beware'. While he sang 'She's Royal' he still had the crowd begging but he couldn't help but sing his hit 'Stay wit U'.


The 'strong one', Etana mellowed fans with her 'Warrior Love', while Barrington Levy gave fans 'Black Roses'. Junior Reid, along with his two sons Andrew and Wada Blood represented well. But 'Daddy' Reid shared old hit 'Farin Mind' and left the crowd reminiscing. Sizzla bellowed 'No Way' while having patrons crying 'Dry Cry'.

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With the high energy that was fueled by acts like Tarrus Riley and Assasin, Beenie had no intentions of put the flames out. Beenie was the most well received artiste. He came on-stage telling patrons 'Dem get me Mad!', But then he reminded the crowd to 'Bun Chi Chi Man'.

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Unfortunately, due to time restrictions Beenie was soon instructed to wrap up his performance and get off stage. Beenie was visibly upset that he had not gotten to finish his set. Patrons were upset because Beenie Man was suppose to share his set with Prolific Anthony B. Anthony's performance proved futile, based on the time Beenie was given to perform.

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However, Beenie didn't want to leave without representing for the Alliance, he said 'Big up Bounty and Mavado any weh unu deh'. He then proceeded sing Mavado's hit 'On The Rock'. The crowd loved it. After Beenie exited the stage the crowd started moving as well. Then Jabba came on stage shouting "Don't Leave!, Don't Leave!, mi tell unu seh di time short man, suh anuh my fault unu never come when di show fi start!" It was not long after the MC announced that the 'Don Dadda' Super Cat was about to hit the stage. Patrons went back to their spots anticipating the 'Don'. Dapperly dressed in all white, Super Cat chanted while coming on stage ' Watch it mek mi come down'. He sang popular hits 'Boops', 'Rally Back' and 'Im leav'n on the jet plane', sad to say Super Cat' did not display his usual powerful dapper style performance.


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