Cherine Anderson...artiste extraordinaire


cherine_anderson_08.jpgShe says, "If I can bring a light to something, I would have achieved everything I ever hoped for."

Cherine Anderson has come with a difference, not with the commercially viable, breast and bottom gyration, but instead, with deep, soulful music with a positive message.

Her current message, "Kingston State of Mind", is an appeal for civility, and a rebuke against the unjust. Whatever the message is, Cherine always delivers it with a positive connotation. Interestingly, this Reggae artiste, without exposing her body unduly, or without bragging about bedroom exploits, has been receiving international clout. Remarkably, a project done by world leading producers Sly&Robbie had her collaborating with Canadian mega-star Britney Spears for the song "Piece of Me".

She is a Jamaican actress and Dancehall/Reggae vocalist. Anderson's acting career began in 1997 with a role in the local classic "Dancehall Queen", she is also known for playing the character Serena in the 2003 Jamaican film, "One Love".

Anderson has worked and performed with musician Sly&Robbie, Sting, Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Cliff among others. She contributed to several IODA compilation releases prior to the success of her January 2006 single, "Good Love", which appeared on a compilation showcasing the rhythm of Jimmy Riley's "Love & Devotion".

"Good Love" appears on the 2008 Grammy nominated album "Anniversary" by Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang. In 2006, Anderson collaborated with Chuck Fenda on the single, "Coming Over", which rose to #1 on the Jamaican charts and remained on the Top 30 for 26 weeks. Anderson made her directorial debut in 2007 when directed the video for "Kingston State of Mind". The song would eventually top the Caribbean video charts and remain in the top 10 for 4 months. Wyclef Jean is featured on the remix to "Kingston State of Mind".

Anderson opened for Wyclef Jean in Tortola, British Virgin Island in 2007. She was a featured vocalist on Sly & Robbie and The Taxi Gang's US/Canadian tour in 2007 as well.