Reggae artiste jammed BVI



Jamaican artistes rocked British Virgin Island at the BVI Music Fest 08 held at Cane Garden Bay Beach in Tortola.

The Jamaican contingent performed on day 2, May 24 with Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley whipping up a storm performance wise.

The crowd seemed totally satisfied by the time he made his exit. Damian bounded on stage at 12:00 midnight and for over one solid hour he treated the crowd to a mixture of old and new songs as well as drawing from his father's vast catalogue of hits. An energetic performer, Damian totally worked the stage gliding from one end to the other as he delivered song after song. The crowd sang along with the songs they knew, by the time he was through the crowd still had to get a 'brawta' and that turned out to be 'Welcome to Jamrock'.


The self proclaimed King of the Dancehall Beenie Man put the cap on the night's performances as he went on stage in an outfit that had a few women wondering aloud on its origin. Beenie had the crowd in frenzy as he unleashed hit after hit. He was like the pied piper with the massive following wherever he led. The doctor went into some sex lesson as he deejayed about the proper way to make love, he griped a little about the microphone and then cursed the engineer on spot! Later on his problem was with the light that was being shown on it, describing it as cheap...griping aside, the doctor remembered he was there to do a job and finally got back to the business of music.

Other performers of the night were: Quito and the Edge, Sister Joyce, Aaron Parillon and C B 4 Lyfe.

Following the performances, there were some interesting comments posted on the from some patrons who attended...below are a few.

Damian Marley was as good as I expected. He was all good, his music, performance, conduct, his messages, movements, please, please bring him back. Now as for Beenie from the time the posters came out, I wondered why'd they bring him back, his performance some 1 or two years ago in town was poor and this one same thing. Some people just aren't good on stage and he is one of them. He needs to stick to the studio and videos and I lost so much respect for him as an artiste cuz he don’t have respect for no one.

Article comment by: Chap

not every musician is a stage performer. Beenie is great wid it, songs nice everythin but he does not have that stage presence. Hats off to JR Gong...really in ur fathers foot steps n more.

Article comment by: NEVER

Please do not ever bring BEENIE BOY back in our country. His performance was so stink as usual, I really don't know why the BVI Music Fest Committee bring him here for. He is so stink with himself...too rude and too cocky. He cannot even perform, he never sings the whole of any of his songs, all he do is talk (u know what) all night. He is a real disgrace. STUPID MAN!!! STUPPPSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I from tola but I live in St. Croix and I cant believe I came all the way over here to see that unmannerly MAN!!!!Next year for Sunday night PLEASE BRING LIONEL RICHIE AND KENNY ROGERS- Oh my god!!!!! Cane Garden Bay would never be able to hold the kind of crowd that would be there to see those two perform. PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT MUSIC FEST COMMITTEE. BYE!!!

Article comment by: Ballast Bay Resident

Jr. Gong really gave an outstanding performance. I really enjoyed him. Beenie Man was horrible and talk too much vulgarity.

Article comment by: Shame on Music Fest Committee & RVIPF

To Cane Garden Bay Resident thats sad wha happen to ayo not being allowed to go home and something needs to be done about it.

Article comment by: Raymond

Beenie man is a disgrace to the bvi, hope we never bring him back. cb4life u need to check yourself, what u sang was also a disgrace. Junior gang we look forward to seeing u again.

Article comment by: Jr. Gong fan

Just thanking the committee for bringing Junior Gong! The man is awesome! Bring him back!

Article comment by: MADGE

Well done commitee for getting someone as great as Jr Gong to Cane Garden Bay, but what were you thinking of bring Beenie man again? why? JR Gong should have been the headliner, shame to have him and then boring Beanie man after.