What's poppin


Buju and Junior almost fight at BOTB

buju_juniorREID.jpgWha really dem sey guh down backstage a best of the best wid Buju and Junior Reid. From whey YardFlex really understand it come een like sey Junior dis Buju. Wi hear sey Buju guh si him a duh one interview and hail him up but him start to frowns pon Buju. Di artiste never pay dat nuh mind. Afterwards Buju mussi guh fi shake han with him (wi mean hail up) and Junior dis him and a sey him nuh have nutten fi duh wid ba--y man and dem almshouse dey. Dem sey Buju just kip him cool and walk wey even dough him did look bex. Big up Buju, jus let deh one dey guh and nuh badda react, dem sey who know betta, duh betta.


Voicemail's new album 'Jump Off' to be release on July 16th.

voicemail pics 001_edit.jpgDancehall trio Voicemail will be releasing their third album Jump Off on July 16, 2008 on Japan's Pony Canyon label. The 16 track disc will feature collaborations with producers Christopher Birch, Steven McGregor, Danny Champagnie and the Ballaz. However their will be no dance tunes on the album. According to group member Craig Jackson, "This album is so hot. The fans are going to be surprised by the material on the album. I think it's our best album to date."


Beenie do Mavado song

beenie_botb_whatspoppin.jpgAll now mi caan top laugh, dem sey since as Mavado and Bounty couldn't meck it a di show Beenie Man guh up de and duh I'm On The Rock! Di place pop dung yuh woulda tink a Mavado a dweet. But how Beenie Man come suh man, him really caan tame.


Macka Diamond Money O Sunday

macka_moneyO.jpgBackside Macka Diamond have Diamond District, she have dis and dat now she a come wid Money O Sundays fi kip a Old Harbour...but it come een like sey she suh busy wid new business dat she nah badda wid di recording ting again. But den again if all har venture pan out, she nuh really need nuh hit song, don't? Beside har latest tune Laptop a get nuff air play, #11 pon di charts and di video soon to be released.