Not All That Glitters Is Gold


By: Dimples

dimples.jpgWhen old people talk we mus listen. Dem always seh "not all that glitters is gold" and is true. Now imagine yuh meet a nice man and ting and decide to settle down. Before unu move in together all is well. Him buy yuh nice gifts, expensive clothes, mi a talk 'bout Gucci, Guess, Dolce & Gabanna etc. Him put yuh inna one criss Lexxus and just spoil yuh like milk. Now you a tink you must be the luckiest woman right now.

So after all this, yuh convince seh yuh find a good man; a man weh a go tek care of yuh so yuh decide fi go live wid him. Yuh a plan fi work still cauz at least yuh wa'an av sumting fi yuhself. So after yuh live wid the man yuh start realize dat him was a wolf in sheeps clothing. First of all the man tell yuh seh yuh affi stop work and stay home an look after the house. Anywey yuh a go him affi de deh. So yuh know seh no more going out wit friends. Yuh think that is all! De man change yuh phone number so everybody weh yuh use to know ca'an call yuh again. Den yuh realize seh him know everybody weh yuh talk to and weh yuh send message to and yuh a wonder how come. Only fi know seh de man ave a fren weh work a Digicel an him get a list and the conversation of everbody weh yuh call and text. And it only gets worse. Yuh know yuh ca'an get on him bad side cauz yuh know him ago buss yuh *ss. So if him seh jump yuh betta ask how high. So wen all dis a happ'n to yuh yuh a wonder if it really worth it.

Tell me weh unu think, is it really worth it to stay wid a man like this?