Camar taking music to a higher level

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camar.jpgThe greatness of music is not to find what is common but what is unique. In the wonderful world of R&B one begins to question the skill, craft and overall substance behind R&B music. This underlying question is often answered by young gifted artistes who bring a new sound to music, with the ability to take the world to the next generation of entertainment. This musical distinction is found in Slip n Slide Records Camar.

I love the arts, he says, adding, I like drama, music, drawing and sculpting.

Born in the blissful island of Jamaica, Camar Andre Doyles, was destined to set a number of new trends in music. "I knew from a young age that, I wanted my music to change the world, I wanted my musical influence to be groundbreaking and exhibit the meaning of being unique." Like many educated and disciplined in the island, Camar's first appearance singing was at his church. During his school days, he was inspired by male friendly singing groups such as, Boyz II Men and Jodeci.

The Jamaican native decided at a young age that he wanted to pierce the international market with his own style of singing, Yard Soul which is defined as poignant vocals almost in an R&B influenced technique over rich Caribbean Dancehall beats.

After setting new goals and assigning specific tasks for himself Camar forged ahead towards his musical career and enrolled at the Art Institute in Florida where he persued a degree in Computer Animation. Once he returned to Jamaica, he continued to excel in performing arts as he enrolled at Excelsior Community College to study music.

In 2002 during a Karaoke performance Camar was selected by a rep. from a local marketing company who took him on a promotional tour for the annual Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. During this year Camar also met with a developing female rap artist by the name of Nadz.

Camar and Nadz immediately found a strong musical chemistry and when showcasing their abilities live at the Caribbean Music Expo (CME) in 2001 they were both solicited by the Artist Network in Europe. A whirlwind of activities soon happened as Camar found himself in Europe working with various artistes including Bono from U2, Annie Lennox , Taylor Dane and more.
Camar remained in Europe during the remainder of 2001 and opened up for the likes of R&B sensations Jagged Edge and 112.

During the past four years Camar has graced various stages and made appearances in both Jamaica and the United States. Recently Camar was featured on TEMPO; an MTV Music Video Channel for the Caribbean.

According to Camar, "Music is just a medium through which you communicate to others. Even to those who don't speak your language but can interpret the message by the way you deliver it and through the expressions of what you are feeling inside." This is important as Camar is a multifaceted artist who not only performs but produces. Further, his songs have two distinctive appeals; there is the Camar side full of rich sultry delivery and then Flavr Unit which brings a playful nature to undiluted Dancehall. Taking on an abridged format of his school day nickname Flava Unit, Camar has incorporated this acronym into his package as he explains: "Flavr more represents the Dancehall-Reggae side of me and Camar is the soulful side." Together these two equally powerful halves come together to deliver Camar's own YARD SOUL.

Camar is the complete package of what every musician thrives to be, charismatic, magnetic, compelling and most of all talented.

Currently, his songs, Love the Flava, Let's Make Love and Ever Known are creating a soulful storm.