No Bounty for Best of the Best


bounty_guyana.jpgKiller on Best of the Best tomorrow will be in a for a big disappointment as he will definitely not be there. Below is the release sent out by his management.

The management of Bounty Killer regrettably announces that he will not be appearing at this year's staging of the Best of the Best concert in Miami on Memorial Weekend, due to travel document issues.

Bounty's work permit had expired some time ago and due to a number of factors conspiring against us - an administrative backlogue, his passport needing to be renewed, the US Embassy in Kingston's overloaded appointment system and his intensive travel schedule (for example the European tour,) he could not get the work permit application processed and an appointment at the Embassy in time for this weekend.

Bounty Killer also travels to the US with a waiver, which entails a lengthy administrative process, especially with the Homeland Security systems in place since 911. We tried everything humanly possible to fast track this process but time simply ran out. We are only just going public with the situation because up until the Embassy closed for the public holiday we were still trying.

Bounty's work permit visa has in no way been cancelled or revoked and we can assure his US fans that he will return very soon. We apologise to his many fans that have made plans to attend Best of the Best to see him perform and hope they enjoy the many other talented and entertaining acts billed for the show.