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Sean Kingston Issue release party wasn't 'Beautiful'

SEANK_edit.jpgBwoy di word from mi New York contact is dat Sean Kingston’s Issue release party by Squeeze di odda day was a big flop. If yuh neva mind sharp it coulda meck any artiste get suicidal. Di turn out low and wi undastan sey nuff a di people dme nuh waan support Kingston either.

Come on man, give a brotha a break.


How Cedella Marley Booker get OD

cedella_booker_memorial_2.jpgYeah, wi sey may har soul rest in peace and all dat, but wi still haffi question certain tings., Wi caan really undastan how she get Order of Distinction (OD) inna Jamaica. Meck wi talk up di tings dem. If dat be di case why Dennis Brown never get it. Dem really need fi list out di criteria dem and tell wi whey she did duh fi get it, just because she gi birth to di reggae king? Because when mi examine it, mi nuh si wha else she did duh?


Can Mavado travel again

mavadoBOTB.jpgBest of the Best a dis weekend, suh it a meck mi wonda if Mavado a guh really get him tings properly sort out fig uh. No star dem really a guh hard afta di dancehall artistes dem. Dem hafif clean up dem tings proppa. Mi nah lie still it nuh look pretty out deh pon dem


Talk up di tings

miss_kitty_edit2.jpgBwoy Nationwide really let guh Miss Kitty. Mi haffi confess dat mi only did start listen to da station dey because mi hear people a talk bout dis woman whey nuh ramp fi talk up di tings and how she is like fresh air pon di radio. Den mi tune in and from dat mi nuh stop. But whey mi waan know is, which song she coulda play suh? Well, mi have a feeling mi a guh hear har voice soon pon one nex' radio.