It's full speed ahead for Lady Saw


By: Joan Wilson

ladysaw2_edit.jpgIt's full speed ahead where dancehall artiste Lady Saw is concerned. The female DJ is now engrossed in working on her next album and one thing she is promising is that it will be hot! "I don't know yet what the title will be, but I am working with several top producers such as Ward 21, Sly & Robbie, Skatta, Baby G, John John, Jazzy T among others," she told YardFlex in an interview.

Saw who is involved in a lot of projects with these producers says it will be quite a task selecting that final 16 tracks which will be making the cut for the album. Although she doesn't know yet what the final selections will be she is promising that it will contain something for every one. "It will have tracks with the kind of message 'No Less Than A Woman' gave, you know speaking to realities of life, and the fun stuff," she shared reassuring that her fans will definitely not be stuck with a boring repetitive album.

But for now she is not in any rush as she is having fun keeping her performance commitments and putting out singles in between. She told YardFlex of her upcoming single which she says will be 'mashing up the place'. The single in question "A Nuh Yuh Belly" is a jazzy, funny song that makes women with "protruding bellies" feel good about themselves!

According to Saw she has already given a sneak preview of this track during her performances and the women really love it. "The big belly song mad, it's gonna mash up di place!" Lady Saw enthusiastically commented about the upcoming single which is now in the mixing stage.

The lady DJ is working on two other singles which she says will definitely be making the cut for her next album they are "Belvedere Heights" and "Baby Take Your Time" which she describes as a very sexy song and currently she is doing a video shoot for that one.

Come July she will be going on an overseas tour and as much as she is anticipating this it is a bittersweet pleasure for her as she says for the first time in ages she will be missing Sumfest. But the love that she will be missing at Sumfest will be given back to her two fold when on her overseas tour as Saw says it's a different kind of energy performing for her Caucasian fans. "It makes me feel so special when those who are not your people responding to you on stage. They give you more time, pay attention to your lyrics, tell you your song really touched me," Saw revealed.