Miss Kitty axed from Nationwide News


miss_kitty_edit.jpg'Talk up di tings' radio personality Miss Kitty was axed from Nationwide News last Monday.

According to a report published in the Star Miss Kitty who hosts the Entertainment Office from Monday to Friday was let go from the station.

Khadine Hylton aka Miss Kitty
confirmed to the Star that she was let go. Apparently it all stemmed from a song that she played which the station's execs claimed could be libelous. Miss Kitty was eventually suspended for five days, after returning from her suspension Miss Kitty was in meeting with her supervisors where she was later let go.

Nationwide News CEO Cliff Hughes, also confirmed the developments. He said, "Miss Kitty is a very talented young woman, I wish her well. I think she will do well, she has a lot of potential. She has challenges to overcome, but I feel that she will."